Shop Projects

Here at Cadmus, we're always working on new projects and custom orders.  Besides making the best handmade wood pens and pencils we can, we also have other projects in development. 
Here are few projects in the works:
Wood clocks: Red Oak and Ebony Inlay (left); Rosewood, Maple, Oak, Yellowheart, Cherry, and Ebony Inlay (right).  
Old Growth Curly Red Oak and Padauk Tiered Bonsai Tree Stand.
Black Walnut, Spalted Maple, Purpleheart, and Padauk Cheese/serving boards.
High Carbon Steel Hatchet with end-grain Zebrawood handle.
Custom Cherry Jewelry Box.  This was commissioned as a 25th wedding anniversary gift. 
Do you have a custom woodworking project? An outlandish idea that you're interested seeing if it's possible? Just drop us a line, and let's talk about it.  I really enjoy custom projects, and thinking outside the box (pun intended).