Spalted Hackberry Fountain Pen with Gunmetal Hardware

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Handmade. Schmidt Nib (Medium). Gunmetal hardware with magnetic cap. Includes ink reservoir and cartridge.

Hackberry (Celtis occidentalis), consists of four species in North America, all similar in appearance. The common hackberry (Celtis occidentalis) has the greatest range, but a southern hackberry, called sugarberry, produces the most commercial lumber. Hackberry grows best in the thick forests of low-lying areas. Along the Mississippi River, specimens nearly 4' in diameter and 120' tall have been recorded. In other areas, hackberry may only attain half that size.

"...hackberry, although a member of the elm family, doesn’t look much like an elm. Even its leaves more closely resemble the nasty nettle weed. And its wood, despite being fairly easy to work, was long ignored. Eventually, though, someone called the tree hackberry, and the species at least had a title, if not respect. Today, hackberry still is one of the most neglected hardwoods in North America, but for little explainable reason. Hackberry's first commercial role was as hoops for barrels because of the wood's toughness and flexibility." --