Bolivian Rosewood Slimline Pen with Platinum Hardware

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Handmade. Slim body, very easy to hold. Platinum Hardware. Standard Cross ballpoint refill.

"Pau Ferro" Bolivian Rosewood. (Machaerium scleroxylon). Pau Ferro is a wood of many names, and is sometimes called Morado: and because the wood is so similar in appearance and working properties to rosewood, it is also sometimes referred to as Bolivian or Santos Rosewood. The wood has been used in various capacities as a substitute for the endangered Brazilian Rosewood. Although the wood is not technically in the Dalbergia genus, it’s in a closely-related genus (Machaerium), and contains the same sensitizing compounds found in rosewoods—about as close to a true rosewood as a wood can get without actually being a Dalbergia species.